Plasma from recovered coronavirus patients boosts others’ survival rate, study says

A new study of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 suggests that a century-old technique involving blood plasma transfusions from recovered patients could improve survival rates if done early enough.

The study conducted at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital was posted on the medRxiv public preprint server Friday. It compared the results of 39 COVID-19 patients who received transfusions to 39 who did not.

The treatment improved the recovery and survival rate of the hospitalized patients in this small early study. While it did not save every patient, it did clearly show that outcomes could be improved among these severe and critical Covid-19 cases.

[Convalescent plasma] is a potentially efficacious treatment option for patients hospitalized with COVID-19; however, these data suggest that non-intubated patients may benefit more than those requiring mechanical ventilation