“There will be another wave, and it will be very serious.” Bloomberg interviews Klaus Stöhr about what he thinks is coming for the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2003, he was one of the lead scientists that identified a coronavirus as the cause of SARS. He is clear about the risks ofContinue Reading

Health experts want a 9/11 Commission-style report on the US pandemic response. They say we must forecast and prepare for outbreaks as we do for wars or weather. An analysis by the Congressional Research Service has said that there are at least five proposals circulating in the House of RepresentativesContinue Reading

The Veterans Affairs Department on Tuesday defended itself against criticism of past shortages of masks and other medical gear to protect employees from the coronavirus but acknowledged its current supplies may not be enough to handle a second wave. The VA system has the same challenges as any other hospitalContinue Reading

The overlap of COVID-19 and influenza has epidemiologists and some policy makers concerned. The U.S. may soon face two epidemics at the same time, they worry, and this combination could precipitate a crisis unlike any other. Scientific American takes a look at experts predictions of another wave of coronavirus andContinue Reading