Experts warned of a second wave of coronavirus cases as reopenings swept Texas in May

After Texas Gov. Greg Abbott began letting businesses reopen on May 1, medical experts and government officials expected new coronavirus cases to rise as more people ventured outside their homes.

A steep surge didn’t materialize right away in North Texas, according to data from county health departments and hospitals. Emerging evidence suggests that’s partly because many North Texans continued sticking close to home and took precautions when they went out.

With record numbers of new cases in Dallas County last week, experts are now worried that Texas will have a second wave soon. Some of the concern comes from Texans thinking that the lifting of lockdowns meant that the COVID-19 situation was now safe.

I’ve noticed a lot of confusion with our patients, because they think that because the state has reopened that means that everything is fine. We try to communicate with patients, saying that we still need to wear masks, and we still need to socially distance.

Dr. Sharon Davis, chief medical officer of the West Dallas-based Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic