Post-COVID Clinics Get Jump-Start From Patients With Lingering Illness

Kaiser Health News writes about the new clinics that focus on helping people recover from COVID-19 symptoms after they recover from the infection itself.

“We need to think about how we’re going to provide care for patients who may be recovering for years after the virus,” said Dr. Sarah Jolley, a pulmonologist with UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital and director of UCHealth’s Post-Covid Clinic..

That need has jump-started post-COVID clinics, which bring together a range of specialists into a one-stop shop.

The general idea is to bring together medical professionals across a broad spectrum, including physicians who specialize in lung disorders, heart issues and brain and spinal cord problems. Mental health specialists are also involved, along with social workers and pharmacists. Many of the centers also do research studies, aiming to better understand why the virus hits certain patients so hard.