Record Virus Numbers Thrust States Into Life-or-Death Choice

As Covid-19 cases soar to new highs, U.S. governors are again in the crucible, facing wrenching choices about how to balance economic recovery and the health of citizens.

The problem facing the government at various levels in the United States is that lockdowns decisions are controlled at a state and local level. There are already some cities like Houston that are considering reestablishing a lockdown even though Texas has reopened at a state level. These conflicts of policies will make it more difficult to maintain a unified public health message.

Nonetheless, the pandemic continues with some areas doing better and some with increasing rates of infections and deaths.

I’m worried that people have accepted where we are as a new normal. And it’s not normal. We can do better than this. Are we resigned to losing 1,000 Americans a day until we have a vaccine? I hope we aren’t.

Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security